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Jill has over twenty years of experience teaching Art, Visual Communication, Ceramics, and ESOL in Secondary Schools in Victoria and five years working as an artist in Mexico. She has taught hand building and wheel forming at Beaumaris Art Group since 2014 and brings to her classes a wealth of experience and a love of creative experimentation.


Jill has exhibited extensively and has been the recipient of numerous awards for her ceramic works. 

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From a young age, Lara always expressed her creativity through painting, drawing and ceramics. She went on to complete a Masters degree in Fine Art, specialising in ceramics. Following university, Lara qualified as an Art teacher and taught Art at a primary school in South Africa. Although she specialises in ceramics, she also has a love for painting and drawing. Lara enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge with people, especially children.Lara currently teaches Kids Arts and Ceramics Classes for Beaumaris Art Group.

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Born in Beaumaris, Anne's  artistic influences began early with her father, Charles Bricknell being a founding member of the Beaumaris Art Group and architect of the original studio. Anne was a member of the Beaumaris Art Group during her early years but art was put on the back burner during university years and early career.  In 2002, Anne began studying watercolour painting and was strongly influenced by the inspirational tutelage of the late Valda Cuming, a long time member of the Beaumaris Art Group. As a tutor in Watercolour Painting, Anne emphasizes the need for her students to develop their own personal style. 

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Beata’s inspirations are the ever-changing human emotions and the effect they have on the body. “I have a deep interest in anatomy and the function of the body as well as the mind-body connection.   Having said that, I also love creating pots, bowls and other functional objects and exploring and experimenting with new pottery techniques.”    

A versatile artist who enjoys working with various mediums and techniques including drawing, oil and watercolor painting, sculpture and pottery. Beata’s true passion lies in ceramic figurative sculptures. Her sculptures are hand built from clay using the coiling technique, and painstakingly textured by hand. Classically trained at the Academy of Fine Arts, Wroclaw, Poland, where she completed five years of study in Ceramic and Design. Beata teacheS Adults and Kids Ceramics, Hand Building & Painting & Drawing Foundations for Beaumaris Art Group.

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Natalie is a South African artist living in Australia for the past ten years.  Natalie works primarily in mixed media on paper with a special focus on plants, still life and figures.  Her interest lies in depicting the shapes and forms of nature coupled with lyrical lines and textural areas of paint, to create a conversation between colour, light and shape.  Natalie is also an art teacher and much of her work is developed as she explores new techniques to teach her students. Natalie is currently teaching Mixed Media at Beaumaris Art Group.

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Having served the Council of Adult Education for over 17 years through continuing contracts as a Teacher and Tutor of Printmaking, Painting, and Drawing (1983-2000),  Konrad has had a vast teaching and educational development career. This has included teaching at many of Melbourne Universities, Private & State Schools and Local Art Groups. 


Konrad has exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria with six works in addition to MCG Australian Sports Museum, with further works highlighted in the University of Edinburgh as well as being contracted for large scale promotional murals. Konrad is currently teaching Drawing classes at Beaumaris Art Group.




Poppi O’Connor is a professional and practicing artist who has over 35 years teaching experience in the fundamentals of art and design. Her skills range from classical anatomical drawing to en plein air pastel work. Poppi has significant expertise in using and teaching about using various materials and techniques with a strong understanding of the science and mechanics involved in these.

Her contribution to and involvement in local art communities and events is extensive. Poppi also has a strong background in art education and curriculum development. Poppi is an executive member of Art Education Victoria (AEV) and is also a member of Art Education Australia (AEA). She has inspired many students and assisted them in achieving successful careers in fine art and other art related fields. Poppi teaches Life Drawing at Beaumaris Art Group. 




Helen Trudinger  is a highly  experienced Australian potter with a diploma in art studies. She has a wealth of experience in teaching and sharing her love of pottery with others having been a Potter in residence at Foothills High School and a pottery teacher in Midland TAFE in WA. 


Helen was a founding member of Guildford Village Potters and has participated in both solo and group exhibitions. Her work has been available from leading galleries in Colorado USA. In Victoria, she has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions showcasing her skill and creativity. 


Helen continues to inspire and teach as a Ceramics tutor at Beaumaris art group and is currently teaching Pottery Wheel - Intermediate/Advanced.

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Marek was born in Poland. He is a self taught artist who has been painting for most of his life and is a working professional artist exhibiting nationally and internationally with painting in private collections in Australia, Great Britain, United States, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, and Poland. During the Sydney Olympic  Games in  2000 AMP chose to Feature Marek's paintings in their television advertising campaign.


Marek works mainly with acrylic as he finds it to be the perfect tool to express what he believes to be the most fascinating aspect of art, colour.


Marek teaches Painting at Beaumaris Art Group.

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